30 Years of Urban Progress

What started in a garage in San Francisco in 1989, has become a global community of nomads, risk-takers, thinkers and doers. Explore our story of how we got here, and get a glimpse of what the future holds.

Rob Honeycutt, a San Francisco bicycle messenger buys a sewing machine and makes his first messenger bag in his garage in the Mission District. He names the company “Scumbags”.

Rob changes the name to Timbuk2, inspired by the African city, Timbuktu and his favorite band, Timbuk3. The Bike Gallery in Portland, OR, places the first wholesale order for Timbuk2 bags.

Doodling on a cocktail napkin with a felt-tip marker, Rob pens the original Timbuk2 “swirl” logo. Timbuk2 moves out of Rob’s garage and opens shop on Dore Street, in San Francisco’s SOMA District.

Rob becomes a student of mass customization and lean manufacturing production. He perfects his patented three-panel, tri-color messenger bag design, and consumers can “Build Your Own Bag”.

Rob takes the entire production line to the Interbike trade show in Anaheim, California and produces custom messenger bags during the show.

Timbuk2 launches its award-winning online Bag Builder on timbuk2.com, the first of its kind. Fans all over the world can now design their own unique bag!

As people start carrying their computers everywhere they go, the messenger bag gets an update. Laptops to go! Timbuk2 begins offering specific laptop sleeves and mobile phone pockets.

The first flagship store opens in Hayes Valley, San Francisco. The brand’s bag donation program, Break Up With Your Bag, is launched, encouraging customers to donate their used bags. The first rolltop backpack launches!

First travel roller suitcase launches. Bon voyage!

Timbuk2 begins its global retail expansion and opens shops in Seattle, and Singapore.

Patti Cazzato, Timbuk2’s first female CEO, is appointed. Lifecycle launches, Timbuk2’s environmental responsibility initiative, with a commitment to keep bags out of landfills.

Timbuk2 begins the trek east, opening shops near and far in Manhattan, Brooklyn and Tokyo.

G’day mate! Timbuk2 opens in Australia, with its first shop in Melbourne. The iconic swirl gets an update, and the Original Scumbags Messenger is reissued.

Timbuk2 celebrates 30 years. What started in a garage in the Mission District with custom messenger bags, has turned into a global brand offering backpacks, travel bags, bike accessories, and of course, the messenger bag. Here's to 30 more years of evolution.