Ordering & Payment

Trust us, we really want your money, so just hold tight and we'll figure this out together.

Did you get a red message that said to check your payment or billing details?

  • Have you moved in the last 8-10 months? If so, our billing address verification system probably wants to use your previous billing address. Give that a try!
  • Do you have any abbreviations in your billing info? Check your statement and see exactly how it's listed: 'apt' vs. '#', or 'Street' vs. 'St.' You get the idea. Our verification can be super strict; you gotta get it just right.

No, I didn't get a message. The contents of my cart just disappeared!

  • Aha! The old disappearing contents trick. Contact Customer Service so we can give it a try. We often have the magic touch!

I didn't get an email confirmation.

  • Did you check your junk folder?
  • Still no confirmation? That usually means you incorrectly entered your email address. Whoops! Contact us and we will help you track it down.

Also, having an item in your cart does not reserve it, nor does it save the sale price. If we sell out of the item or the sale ends, this change may prevent your order from going through.

It's possible, but you're most likely just seeing 2 or more authorizations. Please remember that every time you attempt to make an order, your card will be authorized for the total amount of the order. However, an authorization is not a charge! Any unnecessary authorizations will fall off your statement as soon as your bank verifies that we did not process the charge. It may take 3-5 business days for the authorizations to drop off. We know this whole thing can be super confusing so give us a call and we'll double check! Contact us with the dollar amount and your billing address details so that we can check to see if there are duplicate orders in your name.

We want to say yes, but we have to say no. Unfortunately, once your order is placed, we cannot make any changes to it. It might be possible to cancel your order. Please contact us as soon as possible if you wish to do this, as we work hard to get your order shipped quickly and have a very short window of opportunity to cancel orders. Our window is teeny tiny, so timing is of the essence.

Please note during holidays and sales, order cancelations are NOT possible. The elevated order volume makes it impossible to locate your order to pull and cancel.

No, you will not have to pay duties or customs fees as we are shipping your orders from Toronto. You will, of course, be paying relevant federal and provincial sales taxes.

Shipping & Returns

Most of the year we aim to have your order packed and ready to go in 1-2 business days. During promotions or high volume times this processing time may increase.

Want to know your tracking number or if your order has shipped? Track it here.

It’s super simple! Please find more information on returns on our returns page.

We offer free Canada Post Expedited shipping on orders over $99 CAD (after discount, before tax). For orders under this amount we charge $10 and for oversized items (such as luggage) we charge $15 for shipping.

We are unable to offer exchanges at this time. Should you require an exchange, simply return the original item for a refund. You may purchase the replacement at your convenience, before or after you receive your refund.

Start the return process here.

We only ship within Canada. For all orders outside Canada, please go to timbuk2.com.


While our bags are nearly indestructible, strange things do happen. Lucky for you, all the information you need is right here. We have a repair program that may be able to get your bag back into action. For more details about our Lifetime Warranty and our paid repair program, check out our Warranty and Repairs page. Need a part? Check out our Replacement Parts to see if it can be ordered.

Yes we stock replacement parts on our website. Parts are available if you want to do the repair yourself or if the broken part is not covered by our warranty. Our warranty policy does not cover wear and tear of fabric or parts or accidental damage such as busted wheels and handles caused by luggage mishandling, straps that were chewed up by your dog, or lost parts.

Repairs & Bag Care

So your Timbuk2 bag is no longer looking its best and you want to make it sparkling new again? We recommend spot cleaning your bag.

  • Take a damp towel or sponge with a mild detergent and wipe clean.
  • For greasier, more stubborn dirt try plain dish soap or a cleaner like Simple Green
  • Natural fabrics, such as wool or cotton canvas, are best cleaned with a wet rag. Synthetic fibres such as nylon or polyester can be scrubbed with a plastic bristle brush.
  • We do NOT recommend washing your bag in the washer! Why not?
  • The fabrics have waterproofing coatings on the inside that can be washed away in the washer.
  • Some features of the bag might bleed or run.
  • It will void the warranty.
  • NEVER put your bag in the dryer. Ever. You will cry, we will cry, everyone involved will cry... and any damage caused by the machine won't be covered under our warranty.

Recycling My Bag

Oh yes, sometimes the day comes when it’s time to move on. It’s not me, it’s the bag.

We offer a recycling program year round through our Timbuk2 retail stores and timbuk2.ca known as Break Up With Your Bag. And not just in the super green-save-the-earth way, but in a rad pay-it-forward kind of way. We work with local partners to give your old Timbuk2 bag a new lease on life with a new owner that can use it. From homeless youth to kids learning to ride bikes in urban settings, your bags will go to worthy causes. We have a strict no bags to landfill policy, and we’re always looking for new ways to recycle our bags and keep Mother Nature happy.

To get started, click here.

Custom Bags

timbuk2.ca currently does not offer custom bags. Please contact our Toronto retail store if you would like to place a custom order: torontostore@timbuk2.com or 416-979-3030, option 2. They have an in-store customizer with CAD pricing, and if you order through them there are no additional shipping or duties and customs fees!

Prop 65

Proposition 65 is a law that is unique to the state of California. Regulations concerning the law are processed through the California Office of Environmental Health Hazard Assessment (OEHHA), which maintains a list of chemicals that it determines as ‘known to the State of California to cause cancer and/or reproductive toxicity’.

Prop 65 prohibits anyone in the course of doing business in California or selling a product to a consumer in California to knowingly and intentionally expose any individual to a chemical, even in very minimal amounts, that the California OEHHA has added to the list, without giving a warning.

Prop 65 applies to retail, mail order, and Internet sales of products, even if sold outside of the state. It applies to all consumer products, both children and adult products.

Prop 65 entitles California consumers to special warnings for products that contain chemicals determined by the state of California to cause cancer and birth defects or other reproductive harm if those products expose consumers to such chemicals above a certain level set by California.

The purpose of Prop 65 is to notify consumers that they are being exposed to chemicals that are determined by California to cause cancer and/or reproductive toxicity. Consumers can decide on their own if they want to purchase or use the product. A Prop 65 warning does not necessarily mean a product is in violation of any product safety standard, law, or regulation.

As of 2015, over 935 chemicals are on the OEHHA list.

Safe Harbor Levels, which include No Significant Risk Levels (NSRLs) for cancer-causing chemicals and Maximum Allowable Dose Levels (MADLs) for chemicals causing reproductive toxicity, are levels of exposure that trigger the warning requirement for many of the listed chemicals, as determined by OEHHA.

However, OEHHA does not have Safe Harbor Levels for all listed chemicals. If there is no Safe Harbor Level, businesses that expose individuals to that chemical would be required to provide a Prop 65 warning unless the business can demonstrate the anticipated exposure level will not pose a significant risk of cancer or reproductive harm.

Determining anticipated levels of exposure to listed chemicals can be very complex. It is very problematic and costly to try and prove that the presence of a listed chemical is what California might consider a No Significant Risk Level (NSRL) or Maximum Allowable Dose Level (MADL).

You cannot assume that products without warning labels are chemical free or exempt from the Prop 65 warning requirement. It’s possible that the product isn’t sold in California – the only state that requires this warning label. And some companies only put the labels on products that will be sold in California, so you won’t see them unless you buy the product there. Finally, older products sold prior to when the labeling requirement went into effect, may also contain the listed chemical(s).

We emphasize that a Prop 65 warning does not necessarily mean a product is in violation of any product safety standards or requirements. All Timbuk2 products meet federal regulatory standards. Some products may contain one or more listed chemicals that, by California standards may present a risk of cancer and/or reproductive toxicity, if exposure levels to an individual are high, the warning is provided to allow consumers to assess their individual risk.

For general information on Prop 65, list of chemicals, and FAQs from the California regulatory OEHHA’s website, please access http://oehha.ca.gov/prop65/p65faq.html.

Additional Topics

E-gift cards, a.k.a. store credits, can be purchased on timbuk2.ca and at any Timbuk2 Canada retail store locations. They are final sale: no returns or cancellations after purchase.

They are redeemable for merchandise on timbuk2.ca and at our Canadian retail stores. You can redeem up to 2 gift cards per transaction on timbuk2.ca. Upon redemption, any unused balance will remain on the gift card for future purchases. Gift card balances can’t be redeemed or exchanged for cash, except where required by law.

Gift cards don’t expire or decrease in value if unused, however we cannot replace a gift card if lost or stolen, so please treat it like cash! We reserve the right to refuse, cancel, or hold gift cards and orders for suspected fraud, for cards mistakenly issued in an incorrect denomination, or for other violations of our gift card policies.

Gift card values are non-transferable between different country websites. All gift cards purchased on timbuk2.ca can only be used on purchases on timbuk2.ca or in our Canadian retail stores. All gift cards purchased on timbuk2.com, timbuk2.au, timbuk2bags.eu can only be used on purchases for those sites, respectively.

Want to buy more than 25 bags for your closest friends, co-workers, or for an event? Corporate Sales to the rescue! Our Corporate Sales team does wonders with custom embroidery and screen printing. To kick off your own project, contact us here. Please note that link will take you to the US site, timbuk2.com.

Currently our stock availability differs from timbuk2.com as we have a different distribution centre for timbuk2.ca. If you don’t see a bag you want, please contact us and we’ll do our best to get that bag to you!

If your bag is more than a few years old, chances are we no longer make it; we change colours and designs pretty regularly. You can send us a picture of your old bag and we’ll do our best to help you out.