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  • Sourced responsibly

    Sustainability is more of a journey than a destination. And we hope the steps we take are always in the right direction. While we continue to grow our collections of bags made from recycled pre- and post-consumer materials, there are other ways we can leave a smaller footprint — like 100% recycled and recyclable shipping bags, manufacturing more bags closer to home to reduce emissions, and partnering with bluesign® certified suppliers.

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  • Repairs and more

    Products that are built to last help cut back on waste. But sometimes holes happen. When they do, we try to repair them (and make your bag feel new again). If its best days are behind, our zero-landfill policy means we’ll donate end-of-life bags to Apparel2Energy. Your old everyday carry will be converted into clean energy that helps power cities.

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  • Break up with your Bag
  • Break up with your bag

    Break up with your bag Our annual recycling drive partners with local organizations to give your (clean, usable) bag a second life. From SF LGBT Center and At the Crossroads to Toy for Tots and more, your bag will go to worthy community causes. And when you participate in Break Up with Your Bag (in-store or through the mail), we’ll say “thanks!” by giving you 20% off your next order (exclusions apply).

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