We take our responsibility to the city personally.

We live here. We manufacture here. We recycle here. We give a damn and are committed to urban progress. Through the below sustainability programs, ZERO Timbuk2 bags have been sent to landfills since 2014, and thousands of bags have been repaired or repurposed. We take our commitments seriously.


We build Timbuk2 products to last, and stand behind our legendary quality. It starts at the design level with uncompromising craftsmanship and sourcing sustainably produced materials from Bluesign® certified mills, that are extensively tested for durability. Timbuk2 products are built to last a lifetime and we support them through their complete lifecycle. All Timbuk2 bags and accessories come with our lifetime warranty. Forever.

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When bags are beyond cleaning, repair, or donation, we send your bag to our partner The Renewal Workshop, who will make them functionally fabulous again for its next life. Anything beyond repair is turned into upcycled materials or recycling feedstock.


Life (and holes) happen. Repairing bags is one step above recycling, because it is more environmentally friendly to fix what has already been made. Our San Francisco team is proud to repair over 6,000 bags a year. Start your repair here. We also fully support our customers who want to do DIY repairs. Our library of spare parts is available to you here, and you can find our DIY guides on iFixit here.