Timbuk2 Lifecycle

Timbuk2 products are built to last a lifetime. We support them through their complete lifecycle via durable materials and construction, repairs, and recycling.


All Timbuk2 products are backed by a lifetime warranty and supported by our repairs team. This is forever, for real (unless you do something truly dumb, like drop your bag into a volcano).

Learn more about our lifetime warranty.


Life (and holes) happen. We make our library of spare parts available to you here for DIY fixes. And for more serious jobs, our San Francisco repairs team will mend it for you.

Need a repair? Start one here.


If you don’t want, need, or use your bag, hand it over! We will find it a new home through one of our non-profit partners, or in rare cases, recycle its components via our recycling partner.

Recycle - Break Up With Your Bag

Donate your worn, forgotten, or unwanted Timbuk2 bag by dropping it at a Timbuk2 store or mailing it to our San Francisco Factory, and we will find it a new home or recycle its components, and give you 20% off your next purchase.

Our Donation Non-profit Partners
We donate new, lightly used, and repaired bags to non-profit partners in each city where our retail stores are located. We build long-term relationships with our partners and community. Find your shop here.
Our San Francisco Non-Profit Partners
SF Bike Coalition
For over 45 years, the San Francisco Bicycle Coalition has been transforming San Francisco streets and neighborhoods into more livable and safe places by promoting the bicycle for everyday transportation. It is one of the largest and most effective bicycle advocacy groups in the country. Through day-to-day advocacy, education and working partnerships with City and community agencies, the SF Bicycle Coalition creates safer streets and more livable communities for all San Franciscans.
The Bike Kitchen San Francisco
The Bike Kitchen teaches people of all ages and backgrounds how to repair bicycles. The Bike Kitchen promotes personal development and provides leadership opportunities. Operating as a cooperative shop, they provide affordable ways to acquire and maintain a bike, encourage re-use and recycling, and work with community groups to get more people on bicycles.
At the Crossroads
At The Crossroads works homeless youth and young adults in San Francisco to build healthy and fulfilling lives. It brings services directly onto the streets, to cultivate long-term, unconditional relationships with young people who would otherwise be disconnected from consistent support.
YBike is a program of the Presidio YMCA that teaches San Francisco kids how to ride bicycles safely and confidently in the city. Through one-on-one and group coaching, YBike effectively uses bicycles as a tool to help the youth grow, explore, and build community.
Recycling Partner
When bags are beyond cleaning and repair, our partner Renewal Workshop recycles the product’s raw components into new materials and fabrics.
Bike Share Program
The spirit of cycling is core to Timbuk2’s culture and product, and we believe the best way to see our cities is on two wheels. Which is why we proudly offer a free bike share program at our shops. Come by and we’ll hook you up with a bike, U-lock, helmet, Timbuk2 bag and a map of our favorite places to cruise. It’s good to be free.

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